A frozen moment in time as a player rises out of the water to catch the ball during a water polo game.
Montreal Machine coach Jenna Crook going over strategy with the team during a championship match April 2017 in Gatineau, Quebec,
​Player's face filled with determination as he hurtles a ball towards the net during warm up before a water polo tournament.
Athletes from the Montreal Machine and the Toronto Mavericks water polo teams being announced, one by one, before the gold metal match of the Eastern Conference Finals in August 2017, in Gatineau, Quebec
​Montreal Machine's Leno Salamon eyes the top corner of the net as the ball hurtles towards the goalie during a championship match against Ottawa's Capital Wave water polo team in April 2017. .
Montreal Machine U16 player Liam Masley at the Cote Saint Luc pool in April 2017. .
Montreal Machine U14 goalie Gavin WIlliam's face contorts with effort as he deflects a ball during a water polo match.
​Montreal Machine player Mikela Morin-Sampara treads water in the pool as she listens to the coach between periods during an important  water polo match,
Montreal Machine's Leno Salamon explodes out of the water as he throws the water polo ball towards the net during warm up before a championship game. .
 Two water polo players tangled together as they swim towards the net.
A Montreal Machine water polo player races toward the net with the ball, with a Toronto Mavericks player right behind him, in hot pursuit.
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