Machine’s U16 Boys Smoking Hot Statistics

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After four games played in the 2017-18 season, the Montreal Machine’s U16 Boys team has the two top goalies in the Eastern Conference: #1 is Gavin Williams (with a 3.43 average goals against per game), and #2 is Alex Zaharkevich (his GAA is 4.80). 


For U16 players, Leno Salamon is #1 (33 goals in 4 games), with Anthony Lightbown (15 goals in 4 games) and Islam Ainseba (12 goals in 4 games) not too far behind.

Then, If you click on to page 2, Liam Masley is doing well (7 goals in 4 games), followed by Sam Hachem (6 goals in 4 games) and …. unbelievably… our goalie Alexander Zaharkevich (6 goals in 4 games). 

Where are the Mavericks?

This all sounds fantastic, right? But wait…. where are the Mavericks? 

When you check the Team Standings page for the Eastern Conference, you’ll notice that the Mavericks have only played one game this season (which they won), while the Machines have already played 4.

So be sure to check back soon and often as all these statistics will change once the Mavericks start playing.  

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