Pamplemousse Water Polo Program

Pamplemousse Water Polo uses fun and play to teach kids age 5-11 how to swim and the basics of water polo.

To kids, it seems like they're just throwing the ball around in the pool with friends, and swimming a few laps.

But in fact, the kids enrolled in Pamplemousse are:

* Learning how to swim
* Developing confidence and autonomy in the water
* Getting exercise
* Learning a new team sport
* In a a structured program with a progress booklet
* Making new friends

After completing Pamplemousse Swim & Play, some kids will continue in water polo while others will try other aquatic sports, like competitive swimming, diving or synchronized swimming.

Other kids prefer hockey and soccer and will never do another aquatic sport once they complete the program.

Whatever your child's favourite sport is, swimming is an essential life skill. Mastering this skill at an early age will benefit them their entire lives.

The Pamplemousse program is used at over 30 pools across Quebec. The program was developed by Water Polo Quebec and Marin Therien, head coach of the Montreal Machine in Cote Saint Luc.

Progress booklet from Water Polo Quebec's Pamplemousse Program, which teaches young children how to swim and play in a fun, safe environment.

Pamplemousse Programme

Pamplemousse Swim & Play 1 - Initiation
5 - 7 Years
Saturday 5 - 6 PM

No Prerequisite. Flotation belts available for non-swimmers.

1 hour a week
10 week sessions
Start anytime
Progress booklet included

Kids learn how to stay afloat and to move through the water. As they gain confidence in the water, they learn safety in the pool and basic water polo techniques.

Pamplemousse Swim & Play - Development
8 - 12 Years
Saturday 5 - 6 PM

Prerequisite: Pamplemousse Level 1 or basic swimming skills

1 hour a week
10 week sessions
Start anytime
Progress booklet included

Continue working on swimming skills and integrating skills specific to water polo. Learning a team sport for fun and fitness.

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