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Water Polo By the Sea: International water polo tournaments in gorgeous locations
Water Polo Legends: Legendary players and teams 
Waterpology: Water polo news from the USA and Europe
Water Polo Planet: Largest water polo site in the world
FINA: International swimming federation 
My Water Polo World: Everything you ever wanted to know about European water polo
Ontario University Athletics:  Athletic scholarships up to $4,500 offered by Ontario Universities.


Canadian Water Polo Associations


Montreal Water Polo Clubs

CAEM (Club Aquatique de l'Est de Montréal) 
CAMO (Club Aquatique de Montréal)
CASO (Club aquatique Sud-Ouest) 
Chaos (Côte-des-Neiges Waterpolo)
DDO (Dollard-des-Ormeaux Waterpolo) 
Laval (Club de waterpolo Laval) 
Malépart (Club Aquatique Malépart) 
Saint Lambert (Club de Waterpolo St-Lambert) 
Taiga (Taiga Waterpolo)
Tiburon (Club de Waterpolo Tiburon) 


Canadian Water Polo Clubs  

American Universities with Water Polo Programs

NCAA Mens Water Polo
NCAA Women's Water Polo
University of Southern California:  Men's Team  and Women's Team 
UCLA: Men's Team and Women's Team
Princeton: Men's Team and Women's Team
University of Hawaii: Women's Team

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