Programme récréatif 

Recreational Program

Le programme récréatif d’entraînement au water-polo  du club la Machine, enseigne aux enfants à nager dans un environnement amusant et axé sur le jeu. Ceux-ci se familiarisent avec la manipulation d'un ballon et apprennent à se familiariser avec le tir de celui-ci dès leur plus jeune âge. 

The Machine’s recreational water polo training program teaches kids to swim in a fun, game-orientated environment and become familiar with shooting the ball from a very early age. 

Starts at age 5. No experience required. Flotation belts for non-swimmers. One free trial. Start anytime. For details, Contact Us 


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U8 Recreational  

(5-8 Years) - 1h a week

Flotation belts available for non-swimmers.

Kids learn propulsion skills to move through the water, and how to stay afloat on the surface. Players gain confidence in deep water and learn basic game strategy. 

U10 Recreational

(8-10 Years) - 3h a week 

Ability to move float and move in deep water. 

Players build endurance by working on their 15m swim, and work on water polo techniques such as treading water and passing the ball.  In this group, kids learn tactical thinking and game awareness.

U12 Recreational 

(10-12 Years) - 5.5h a week

Ability to swim across the pool and back. 

At this level, players are honing their skills such as front crawl, backstroke, arm stroke, treading water, as well as offensive and defensive water polo techniques. 

The players start competing in local competitions and long term development for the athletes begins.

U14 Recreational 

(12-14 Years) - 6h a week

Some water polo experience required.

This level accommodates all levels of water polo players, from novice to experienced, and focuses on enhancing and strengthening the fundamentals, physical conditioning and game tactics, as well as preparing the athletes for elite level play. 


Programme récréatif / Recreational Program


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