Working Together for the Success of our Club

The Machine is more than just water polo players. It is also parents and other volunteers who contribute to our club's success by doing various volunteer jobs.

Everyone working together creates a wonderful sense of team spirit and cohesion that only comes through collective effort.

Volunteer Points

Each Machine family is asked to do a number of volunteer points over the year.

We ask for a postdated cheque from each family at the start of the season for this volunteer commitment.

  • U14, U16, U19 (elite): $300
  • U12, U14 (recreational): $150
  • U8, U10: (recreational): $100

If your family does all its volunteer points over the season, we dispose of the cheque at the end of the season. If not, we cash the cheque and use the money the following year.

Volunteer Jobs

10 Points

  • Be on the Machine's board of directors
  • Team manager
  • Fundraising coordinator
  • Webmaster
  • Photographer
  • Volunteer Jobs Coordinator

4 Points

  • One shift of grocery bagging (1 shift mandatory for all elite families)
  • Recruit a new athlete to the Club

2-5 Points

  • Be a chaperone at an out-of-town tournament
  • Research and book hotel or air B&B for out-of-town tournaments (U14 only)
  • Food shopping, meal prep and cooking at out-of-town tournament
  • Organize a club event such as apple picking, Christmas party, year-end gala
  • Drive an athlete (not your own) to an out-of-town tournament
  • Write a Google or Facebook review for the Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

How many volunteer points does each family need to earn over the year?

  • U14, U16, U19 (elite): 10 points
  • U12, U14 (recreational): 4 points
  • U8, U10: (recreational): 2 points

If my athlete helps out, like with the grocery bagging, does our family get points for this too?

No, volunteer points are only awarded to parents and other family members.

Who keeps track of my volunteer points?

Your team manager.

If I do more service points that I am required to, does the Machine pay me?

No. Though we appreciate and encourage a spirit of volunteerism and welcome any efforts beyond the minimum commitment, there is no further compensation.

I have more than two kids in the Machine. Does that mean I have to do double the volunteer points?


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